Al-Mashrabiya screens specialist

Specializing in :

  •  Mashrabiya
  • Decorative screens
  • Skin façade
  • Perforated patterns
  • Design Development


Our clients

Architects, Contractors, Developers and Individuals


Mission & vision

Mashrabiya’s mission is to bring high end mashrabiya and screens in a modern fabrication technologies. Mashrabiya’s vision is to revival mashrabiya

concept in a contemporary architecture in arab world.



Support architects and having the latest fabrication technologies, including our millimeter accurate cnc and laser-cutting machine.



Sure we have one of the largest ranges of standard designs and we are designing more everyday, we don’t just have a fixed catalogue of patterns and sizes, we make it up to your specifications, if you want a new pattern we can design it for you! If you want an odd size we can make it to suit your desire, MASHARABIYA panels can also be made larger than others offered on the market up to 1500 mm x 3000 mm per single flat panel. screen panel sizes. MASHARABIYA panels can be made as flat screens up to 1500 × 3000 in aluminium. Making them some of the largest on the

market. Programs: Autocad, CORAL,



Mashrabiya is derived from the triliteral root Š-R-B, which generally denotes drinking or absorbing. There are two theories for its name: The more common theory is that the term was derived from the Arabic word, sharaba meaning to drink) because the space was used for a small wooden shelf where the drinking water pots were stored. The shelf was enclosed by wood and located at the window in order to keep the water cool. Later on, this shelf evolved until it became part of the room with a full enclosure and retained the name despite the radical change in use.

The less common theory is that the name was originally mashrafiya, derived from the verb shrafa, meaning to overlook or to observe. During the centuries, the name slowly changed because of sound change and the influence of other languages.